Regarding to government announcements, we would like to inform the amateur classes at the Ecole Lenôtre Quai Henri IV are temporarily suspended.


1. Hello, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Nicolas Boucher. I have been working in the pastry industry since the age of 14. I have seven years of training, including a baker’s C.A.P. diploma, followed by another C.A.P. in pastry, in chocolate making and finally a B.T.M. diploma in pastry. After 15 years spent between research and development and production at Dalloyau, I joined Ecole Lenôtre as a pastry chef. My job is to organize courses and run internships.

2. When and how did the passion for pastry come together for you?

At around 14 I went into baking, a trade in which I was able to get stuck in, literally, in pastry. It was a revelation to me! So I continued my studies in pastry, my current job, but above all my passion.

3. Where does the desire to teach come from?

The pleasure of sharing the know-how that was taught to me in the past and still is today. Also perpetuate original recipes and teach current techniques.

4. Why Maison Lenôtre?

This great maison is rich in history with huge enthusiasts who each day make it possible to discuss and develop our know-how.

5. What is your favourite dessert and why?

Mille-feuille because I love classic pastries. If made correctly once it has been assembled, the puff doesn’t have time to go cold. I find it magical.

6. Your signature style in confectionery?

I like using vanilla as we use salt and pepper in the kitchen. Each variety and provenance has its own characteristics. I like to find it in several elements that make up a pastry.

7. Which recipe can you do with your eyes closed?


8. What advice would you give to an apprentice or person who would like to change career and go into confectionery?

Persevere, because although the job may seem difficult at the beginning, passion takes over quickly.

9. What detail won’t you let slide in the kitchen?

Attention to taste and textures. Even if pastry must be visually appealing, taste must be on a par to concord with the aesthetic ensured by the pastry's appearance.

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