School in France


Learn by doing. Learn through creativity. Develop innovative spirit. Acquire know-how.

Since 1971 trainee cooks and pastry chefs in search of excellence have been learning in our classrooms to turn their passion into a vocation.

Welcome to École Lenôtre de gastronomie. The school for great chefs.

As the inventor of modern-day pastry-making, Gaston Lenôtre was a creative, bold chef with a vision.

Chef Lenôtre was “born wearing a chef’s toque”. Through his premium selection of ingredients, rigorous skill and technical precision, Gaston Lenôtre always pursued excellence driven by a love for great tastes and pleasure. Sharing his superior skill and know-how with fellow chefs led him to create the leading French culinary school in 1971.


As a result of overwhelming success Ecole Lenôtre quickly opened to professionals worldwide looking to develop their own culinary methods and learn famous Maison Lenôtre recipes.

Imparting knowledge is a Gaston Lenôtre legacy and forms part of the brand’s founding values. With deep respect, succeeding generations of chefs share a common aspiration to uphold, promote and pass on the Lenôtre craftsmen skill.


Certification courses in cooking and pastry-making, advanced training course in bakery and advanced workshops for professionals looking to broaden their skills and tailored support to create value and ensure long-term food service projects: the Ecole Lenôtre, a professional culinary arts school, offers its instruction and values to further your goals.

Our services


Certifying trainings

Learn the fundamental gestures and essential techniques in cuisine or patisserie in a 7-month training course (21 weeks + 4 to 9 weeks of internships) preparing for certification. A complete, intense and successful training is provided to make you a qualified professional.


Long boulangerie training

Quickly access a level of qualification allowing you to master the basics of baking (CAP level or certificate of professional competence) in 4 months (13 weeks + 2 weeks of internship in a company).


Training the basics

Access basic professional knowledge in cuisine and patisserie in 6 weeks (fundamental gestures and essential techniques).


Refresher training

Deepen your skills and discover new techniques through 1 to 5 day-training courses.


Tailor-made: training and advice

Meet the needs of professionals through tailor-made accompaniment of an expert team.


Workshops for amateurs & team-building experiences

Learn to cook delicious recipes in just a few hours. Engage in team initiation with our Team-Building activities.



Invest in a powerful model – a Lenotre École, globally recognized for its know-how.

Les bases cuisine

A unique pedagogy


“Learning by doing” is the credo of Lenôtre Culinary Arts School , which focuses on practicing and experiencing precise gestures. At the heart of a gastronomic environment where the diversity of occupations and workshops is a richness, students in search of excellence acquire the fundamentals and quickly reach a high level of qualification. For this, you will live at the rhythm of the Lenôtre house, the period of your training, in order to familiarize yourself with all of our techniques and manufacturing secrets.

Our strengths


  • A small people-oriented school
  • 12 participants maximum per course
  • Rooms equipped with professional equipment
  • Rigorously selected raw materials
  • Experienced trainers and pedagogues

Our values


Respect for ingredients, know-how, time and people

 Excellence in both taste and aesthetics of products as well as experiences

Sharing pleasure, heritage and know-how

Our place

L’École Lenôtre Rungis

Since April 5, 2021, Ecole Lenôtre has moved to Rungis near Paris and in the heart of one of the largest markets for gastronomy suppliers. A strategic location for optimal quality of teaching.

   2300 sq.m


    13 classrooms


   400 sq.m of relaxing break areas and food services


200 sq. m of bioponic rooftop vegetable garden


  • A stone’s near Paris and throw from the Rungis Market
  • Easy access thanks to various means of transportation
  • The training courses offered by the École Lenôtre are available to people with disabilities or having health problems.We encourage you to mention it in your registration request. You will be contacted by the disability referent to  work together on the eventual arrangements that might be necessary so your stay among us takes place under the best possible conditions. As soon as you arrive, you will recieve an individualised support enabling you to have the perfect integration.Our disability referent: Guillaume Galy – 01 86 93 04 00

Up to date

  • State-of-the-art facilities
  • A brand new building bathed in light


  • A space designed to bring people together
  • Comfortable furniture and green spaces
  • Indoor and outdoor food courts