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1. Hello, could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi! I’m Patrick Jeandeau! I started teaching in 2001 at Maison Lenôtre. I'm currently an instructor in pastry and in charge of pastry chef certification at the Plaisir site.

2. When and how did your passion for pastry come together for you?

I was at secondary school when I met a trainer who was able to impart his passion and pleasure.

3. Where does the desire to teach come from?

The wish to share what I have been given.

4. Why Maison Lenôtre?

I chose Maison Lenôtre for its know-how, for the men and women who make up this great family.

5. What are your favourite dish and dessert? Why?

My favourite dish is my mum’s roast chicken. My favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie. Timeless childhood memories around the family table.

6. Your signature style in confectionery?

Tarte tropézienne, but also poached eggs in red wine sauce. It’s a very simple recipe where the ingredients must be very high quality.

7. Which recipe can you do with your eyes closed?


8. What advice would you give to an apprentice or person who would like to change career and go into cooking or confectionery?

Learn to master the basics and be curious, taste everything!

9. What detail won’t you let slide in the kitchen?

Rigour: pastry is precise, being well organized is essential.

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