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Bespoke training and consultation

Since 1971, Lenôtre has been applying its gastronomic expertise to meet the specific needs of businesses. Are you a culinary professional looking to acquire new skills? Are you a large company seeking advice for developing a gastronomic activity? Are you an artisan looking to be inspired and expand your creativity? If you have a specific project and wish to enhance a particular skill set, Lenôtre School has designed a personalized support program for professionals. After conducting a thorough audit of your company’s and employees’ needs, our experts provide tailored advice and a customized training program.

“Craft” Experts

“Market” Specialists

“Administration” Team

Lenôtre Contact Person

Whether you are a pastry chef, baker, chocolatier, confectioner, ice cream maker, cook, charcutier, maître d’hôtel, artistic director, or event specialist, Lenôtre’s culinary incubator provides expert support from a team of professionals who are well-versed in the challenges of your field.

With extensive experience in retail food, catering, and receptions, Lenôtre School can offer a market specialist relevant to your project.

We also provide access to professionals in marketing, finance, gastronomy history, management, human resources, and design who can share their recognized expertise related to your project.

Throughout the preparation of your project, we offer personalized follow-up with a dedicated commercial contact. Coming from a background related to your project, they identify the challenges and provide tailored solutions. Learn more:
Tel: +33 (0) 1 86 93 04 00

Our Network

Our Partner Allies

Lenôtre School of Culinary Arts is proud to contribute, alongside its partner allies, to the promotion of French gastronomy worldwide. We have established the Club des partenaires (Partners’ Club), whose members share our philosophy and standards. This club brings together professionals recognized as the best in their fields, aiming to highlight the expertise and excellence of all its members. The quality products, tableware, and equipment they produce are used daily in our workshops. This association of talent, a true professional network, fosters a rich professional emulation.

Customised Online Courses and Training

Did you know?

Lenôtre School also offers distance learning courses! Through a comprehensive video conferencing system, our chef trainers share their expertise not only with multiple teams for remote team building but also with students from our academic partners around the world! By exploring new methods of knowledge transmission, the school not only promotes French gastronomy beyond borders but also adapts to your new projects and needs.


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