AccueilOur team of instructors.

Our team of instructors

For the past 50 years, the pedagogy of the Lenôtre Cooking School has been based on the excellence of craftsmanship and knowledge sharing. The cooking programs we offer bring your projects and professions to life through practical experience: the chefs and trainers at the Lenôtre School pass on their tricks of the trade, precise techniques, both traditional and contemporary, time management skills… In short, the secrets of Lenôtre and the fundamentals of French gastronomy.

A unique pedagogical team

The chefs and trainers of the Lenôtre School.

In our school, training courses and advanced programs are taught by permanent trainers who are professionals, educators, and enthusiasts, as well as renowned chefs from the culinary industry. Their mission is to provide you with the best tools to make your project a successful professional adventure! The chefs and trainers of the Lenôtre School are committed to sharing their commitment to quality ingredients, their dedication to artisanal approaches, and the expertise of Lenôtre.

Whether you are a student or a professional honing your skills at the Lenôtre School, you will appreciate the close relationship with these passionate experts and the fruitful exchanges that result from it.

In our gourmet cooking school, classes never exceed 12 students. The classrooms are equipped with professional equipment to familiarize yourself with the most sophisticated techniques. The pedagogy of the Lenôtre School is focused on practice. Here, you learn by doing: you touch the products and ingredients, you experiment with techniques, you taste, adjust, correct, and fully execute the recipes.

Our team of instructors

Guillaume Galy

Chief Operating Officer, Consultant

Alain Despinois

Chef cook of the salty creation

Georges Kousanas

Pastry chef. Vice pastry world champion

Patrick Jeandeau

Chef trainer cooking

Clémence Berthelot

Pastry chef trainer

Valentin Mille

Pastry chef trainer

Antoine Bernard

Bakery chef trainer

Our experts & trainers

Guy Krenzer

Guy Krenzer

Directeur création. Doublement sacré un des MOF

Etienne Leroy

Chef pâtissier de la création. Champion du monde de pâtisserie

Fabrice Brunet

Chef cuisinier de la création salée. Sacré un des MOF

Fabrice Gendrier

Chef cuisinier de la création salée. Sacré un des MOF

Gérard Tourin

Frédéric Anton

Chef cuisinier, triplement étoilé. Sacré un des MOF

Eric Finon

Chef cuisinier et gastronomie. Sacré un des MOF

Gérard Taurin

Champion du monde glacier. Sacré un des MOF

Emmanuel Ryon

Champion du monde pâtisserie 1999 glacier. Sacré un des MOF

Thomas Subrin
Equipe pédagogique - Thomas Marie

Paul Occhipinti

Chef chocolatier-confiseur. Sacré un des MOF

Patrice Ibarboure

Chef pâtissier-confiseur. Sacré un des MOF

Thomas Subrin

Chef boulanger. Sacré un des MOF

Thomas Marie

Chef boulanger. Sacré un des MOF

Jean-Marie Lanio

Chef boulanger

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