Amateur courses

Maison Lenôtre opens its doors to lovers of gourmet delights


Precious Maison know-how has long been taught at the professional École Lenôtre. Drawing on solid teaching experience, Lenôtre also offers courses in cooking, pastry-making and wines to amateurs looking to discover the secrets of the culinary arts. Among the hundred or so workshops available, passionate foodies can select courses to acquire chocolate decorating techniques, learn how to make a full meal with seasonal dishes and even pick up wine pairing tips.

A unique Parisian setting for these one-day apprentices

On board a barge at Quai Henri IV facing the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, participants unleash their creative flair, elaborating seasonal recipes and learning culinary techniques with the help, advice and tips of Lenôtre chefs in classes lasting between three and four hours. For small groups of 3-8 individuals, friends, family members or colleagues, Lenôtre offers a fully equipped professional kitchen (200 sq.m.) to whip up delicious dishes to be enjoyed.

It’s so easy to participate in these moments of sharing! No preliminary requirements to register, just the pleasure of discovery. Whether you’re an experienced expert, an enlightened amateur, a sweet tooth or savoury aficionado, there is something for everyone. Each participant can choose beforehand the level of difficulty of the workshop ranging from introductory to advanced improvement.

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