Our school Lenôtre Quai Henri IV is open, in the strictest respect of health and safety measures

Imparting the standard of excellence with passion


Certifying courses in cooking and pastrymaking, advanced workshops for professionals looking to increase their skills and tailored support to create value and ensure longevity for your food service projects: the Lenôtre Culinary Arts School puts forth its training and values to support your goals.

A unique training to prepare tomorrow’s great chefs


“Hand-on learning”, the core value at Lenôtre professional school, promotes the practice and experience of technical precision. By choosing our certifying course, a six-month program, trainees are immersed in Lenôtre culture alongside top-tier chefs. Fully surrounded by a culinary environment of richly diverse skilled craftsmen and facilities, trainees in search of excellence acquire fundamental techniques and quickly become highly qualified professionals.



Lasting approximately six months, the training course is intense, comprehensive and fully developed.

In 25 weeks, without going through a long initial training, Lenôtre Culinary Arts School teacher chefs provide trainees with the basic methods and essential techniques in cooking and pastrymaking needed to become a qualified professional (vocational diploma).

Our forces


Students will benefit from 21 weeks of intensive training (840 h), including 2 weeks of training with titled chefs. 4 weeks of internship in Lenôtre workshops or in establishments selected by the school, complete the training. Teaching is provided in classes limited to 12 students and the success rate is 100%.

Training in 3 acts


« L’Essentiel »

6 weeks

« L’Incontournable »

7 weeks

« La Maîtrise »

8 weeks


The practical internship

4 weeks in business

Our location


The Lenôtre Culinary Arts School includes three training locations in the Paris area. Plaisir, in the French department of Yvelines, is where Gaston Lenôtre created his first school, situated near the Lenôtre manufacturing facilities. The second culinary school is on a boat docked on the renowned Yachts de Paris at Quai Henri IV in the city center. The vessel includes 200m2 of cooking space with professional facilities in two modular spaces. In 2020, the school moves to Rungis, at the heart of one of the largest food markets, a strategic location to optimize the quality of our teaching.