Instruction at Lenôtre School has been based for the past 45 years on excellence in know-how and imparting knowledge.
The cooking courses we offer bring your projects and professions to life through practical means: Lenôtre School chefs and instructors share with you their tips, precise gestures, techniques from past and present, time management… in a word, the secrets of Maison Lenôtre and the fundamentals of French gastronomy !


Lenôtre School chefs and instructors

In our school, pastry and cooking training is provided by several recipients of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France award, permanent instructors and associate instructors from partner schools along with leading chefs from the business world.

Their mission is to share with you the best tools to make your project a successful business adventure!
École Lenôtre chefs and instructors therefore fully understand the need to share their commitment to excellence in products, their attachment to the expert approach and know-how of Maison Lenôtre.
As an École Lenôtre student you will appreciate the close relationship you will enjoy with these enthusiastic experts and rewarding discussions this will prompt.
Classes never have more than twelve participants in our gourmet cooking school. Rooms are equipped with professional equipment to acquire the most sophisticated techniques.
École Lenôtre instruction is focused on practice. Here you learn by doing: you touch products and ingredients, experiment with gestures, and make recipes in full. Your learning experience of Maison Lenôtre know-how is extended by the Maison’s flair for imparting knowledge. Marketing, finance, history of gastronomy, management, human resources and design are also essential to the successful development of your professional project.

Chefs and teachers :

Stéphane Duval

Gauthier Denis

Alain Despinois

Fabien Emery

Guillaume Galy

Patrick Jeandeau

Alexander Dreyer

Prestigious speakers :

Thomas Subrin

Patrice Ibarboure

Emmanuel Ryon

Etienne Leroy

Fabrice Brunet

Frédéric Anton

Gérard Taurin

Serge Granger

Fabrice Gendrier

Guy Krenzer