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Ecole Lenôtre offers certifying courses in cooking or pastry-making and an advanced training course in bakery open to everyone, advanced workshops for professionals looking to broaden their expertise and tailored support to create value and ensure long-term food service projects. Lenôtre has been offering its culinary expertise to companies with specific requirements since 1971.

Are you a food industry professional wishing to acquire new skills? Are you a large corporation in search of advice to develop your culinary endeavours? Are you an expert looking for inspiration and to bolster your creativity? Do you want to enhance a specific expertise to further develop your project?

Ecole Lenôtre has developed a tailored support program for all types of professionals.  After a detailed audit of your company’s and employees’ needs, our experts develop consulting services for you featuring customized courses.

Experts in each profession


Pastry chef, baker, chocolate maker, ice cream maker, professional cook, cold meats caterer, sommelier, maître D, artistic director, events specialist, etc. Whatever the expertise for your project, our Lenôtre culinary incubator will support you with a team of experts, a group of men and women well versed in all the key issues of the industry.

Experts in each market

Food retail, events, catering industry, etc. Thanks to our extensive experience in the various sectors of the food industry, Ecole Lenôtre can provide you with an expert in the market concerned by your project.

An administration team


Marketing, finance, the history of fine cuisine, management, human resources, design, etc. We also offer you the opportunity to meet the men and women who can share their renowned experience in the business sector concerned by your project.

Lenôtre incubator contact


We offer tailored follow-up services throughout the preparation phase of your project led by your sales contact person. Your sales contact comes from the sector concerned by our project and identifies and understands the challenges you face before providing tailored solutions.


For more information:
Tel. 33 (0)1 30 81 40 81
E-mail: ecole@lenotre.fr

Our network of affiliates and partners


The Lenôtre Culinary Arts School takes great pleasure in contributing on a daily basis and alongside its affiliates and partners to the global prestige and influence of French fine cuisine.

We founded the Club des partenaires, whose members share our philosophy and high standards. This club brings together professionals recognized as the best in their field. Its objective is to enhance the know-how and excellence of all its members. Every day in our workshop we use the products, table art and high-quality materials they manufacture. This professional network is a combination of expertise and talent that stimulates emulation in its respective sectors.