« Pastry Chef » Certification 


The chef is responsible for tasks involved in producing pastries, while maintaining hygiene and food safety, and complying with current environmental standards. Pastries and pastrymaking appeal to our deepest desires. Across all ages, they incite our love of great taste.

Training course structure


The “Pastry Chef” certification validates professional skills divided into the following 3 blocks of skills:


1 – Elaborate the recipes of the professional chef

  • Develop culinary preparations with regard to the objectives set
  • Draw up technical documents relevant to the recipes created


2 – Make the professional chef’s recipes

  • Establish favorable conditions for the realization of culinary production
  • Acquire the necessary cooking techniques to prepare different dishes
  • Apply the current health rules and protocols in force


3 – Management of the professional chef’s activity

  • Manage the professional chef’s stocks (procurement, quality control, stock management)
  • Manage the activity of a professional chef: organize, supervise and control the work’s team
  • Manage and monitor the administrative environment of the professional chef

Target audience


This certifying course is intended for adults passionate about pastry, and for professionals seeking to increase their field of expertise. Trainees will be evaluated by professionals who are experts in the skills addressed. It also provides trainees with the necessary expertise for career mobility and development.


The objective of this certification program is to provide trainees with the basic methods and essential techniques needed to become a qualified professional. Through specific course content, field-relevant case studies and professional practical work, this program aims to provide trainees with the key components that go into acquiring solid skills adapted to the economic sector of the catering industry.

Sectors, employment opportunities, company size


Bakeries, pastry, chocolate and candy shops employ massive amounts of pastry chefs, and the trade opens the door to a variety of markets. There are also opportunities in large retail outlets as well as in the agri-food industry. Restaurants and luxury hotels also employ their own pastry chefs.

Admission requirements


Certification program requirements (excluding VAE):

Preparation for the “Pastry chef” certification is open, by right, to trainees with a diploma or certificate of vocational training (CAP – Certificate d’aptitude professionnelle; BEP – Brevet d’Etudes Professionnelles; MC – Mention Complementaire). They must also be highly motivated by a career in pastry.

Other vocational training levels are acceptable upon review of your application, career plans and professional experience of at least one year. Admission will be validated after a personal interview.

Validation process

(validations are attributed by a panel of professionals)


For vocational training: Applicants must validate the three categories of skills and justify professional experience (mandatory one-month-minimum internship with a company). In the event of partial validation, the acquired category of skills is without limit. You will receive a certificate validating the acquisition of the category of skills. Once the three categories of skills and internship are validated, the applicant obtains the “Pastry Chef” certificate.

For the VAE: Applicants must prove that they have at least one year of professional experience in the field of expertise relevant to the certification and that they have acquired the three categories of skills throughout their career. In the event of partial validation, the acquired category of skills is without limit. You will receive a certificate validating the acquisition of the category of skills.

VAE steps:

  • Review of eligibility is based on your application (documented proof of professional experiences; VAE form No. 1 can be downloaded from the following link:  https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/R10282)
  • If the applicant is accepted, VAE form No. 2 must be completed. Here, experiences are described in the form of skills;
  • The VAE panel examines the applicant’s No.2 form and their professional experience;
  • Following deliberations, the panel decides if the acquired experiences enable the applicant to obtain the “Pastry Chef” certificate.

CERTIFICATION PREPARATION AND CERTIFYING BODY: École Lenôtre; 40, rue Pierre-Curie, 78 370 Plaisir


After initial training program (as a trainee or student) X
Apprenticeship contract X
After vocational training program X
Vocational training contract X
Spontaneous application (outside of program courses) X
Establishment date:



  • 20% of panel members are from the certifying body, and the other 80% are independent, industry professionals.
  • 50% of them are employees and 50% are employers.