Service relationship – Tourism sector



Satisfy customers through the quality of the customer relationship.



This certification program is intended for all persons in the tourism sector working in contact with the customer. The aim is to acquire enough skills to assure a high quality of service, to help out customers and to satisfy their demands.





The training consists of 4 different steps, with the opportunity to get there through VAE (Validation des Acquis d’Expérience)

The program lasts five days (35 hours) and is priced at 2000 € HT (Excl. Taxes). No prerequisite (an interview will be done before completing the application. This program aims at people from the tourism/hospitality industry who wishes to work with customers.

Course structure


“Service relationship – tourism sector” certification validates professional competencies in the following four skill sets:


Step 1 – Assure the right relationship with customers, 1 day (7 hours)

  • Welcome: behavior, clothes, wording, respect, trust
  • Handle waiting situation
  • Identify the personality of customers and be able to listen and understand their demand


Step 2 – Be helpful and satisfy customers’ demands, 2 days (14 hours)

  • Make the customer’s satisfaction a priority
  • Highlight the service offer and customise the customer’s stay
  • Help wining the loyalty of customers


Step 3 – Assure the service quality by handling difficult situations, 1 day (7 hours)

  • Foresee unexpected events and things that did not work out
  • Bring up solutions


Step 4 – The work team and how to improve the service quality, 1 day (7 hours)

  • Be the link in a work team and fit requirements
  • Develop the quality of service by identifying topics to improve
  • Hand over improvements made to his manager and to other colleagues